Dental Poster Journal
Author Guidelines
We invite you to submit your posters for publication in observance of the author guidelines. Following the usual review procedure for scientific publications, your poster will be published electronically and in printed format and prepared for search and citation. For further questions, please contact:


The Dental Poster Journal is a Journal in which Scientific Posters are to be published online and in printed version .The following author guidelines must under all conditions be observed.


  • Topics concerning dentistry shall be published in DPJ.
  • A poster must meet the standard of an academic / scientific presentation.
  • Each and every poster submitted will be evaluated by an Editorial Board. Exceptions are those posters which have been awarded a poster prize by an independent jury. A copy of the award certificate is to be submitted.
  • All Posters submitted must be accompanied by a Commentary( 250-500 words), a title and keywords in English.
  • An essential characteristic of DPJ is the opportunity for communication between the reader and author. Therefore, the author must provide an valid email address where he/she may be contacted permanently. This email-address has to be submitted with every correspondence. Also a phone number will help us to contact the author easily and to speed up the editorial process.
  • The publisher reserves the right to distribute DPJ content in the form of CD publication.


Upon receipt and approval of a poster for publication the Editors shall inform the Author.
The content of the poster must be as follows:

Title Page:

•   Poster Title
•   Title, First Name and Last Name of the Submitting Author and Affiliation
•   Author's Address
•   Street Address
•   Postal Code
•   City
•   Country
•   Telephone of the Submitting Author
•   Email of the Submitting Author
•   Participating Authors
•   Keywords (6-10, please separate with commas)

Main Content:

Please note that the following formats for graphic files are preferred: JPG,TIFF
  • Please note that the following formats for graphic files are preferred: JPG,TIFF
    >> A Commentary describing the poster (max. 500 words)
    >> 5-10 References should be cited in the text
    The file size per graphic must not exceed 3 MB.
    The width of the images must be 600 to 800 pixels.
  • Tables may not be submitted as images
  • The publisher cannot guarantee that all formats can be processed. Should the author's data for any reason not be acceptable, the publisher then reserves the right not to publish the poster.


Posters in the Dental Poster Journal (DPJ) can be cited like:
Example: "Dent Poster J 2012; Vol 1: No 1, Poster 01"
Corresponding graphic files shall be numbered (Ill.1, Ill.2) and matched to their respective reference in the text (using the formats JPG) and their respective captions and/or titles. Files may not exceed 3 MB and images must have 600-800 pixels width.


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